Optimise operations, understand hidden costs, and eliminate uncertainty

Plan, propose, track and analyse enterprise operations, projects, and cost centres with Prosper BI


Make intelligent decisions

Never make a project decision in the dark again

Cascading project reports, taken from proposal through to completion, give insight into unexpected costs, performance, and efficiency. Use Prosper to make educated decisions, understanding the impact of high level decisions across the business. Realise the power of the data collected and make live project-based decisions without lifting a finger, saving time, money and resources.

A single source of truth throughout your organisation

Prosper transforms operational and financial knowledge across the organisation with no loss of accuracy. Finances are populated by operational knowledge from the bottom upwards, creating more accurate overviews from tasks, projects, and programmes. Any project proposal, programme analysis, or tracked project can be viewed in operational and financial views. Non-intrusive tracking methods make monitoring progress painless and increase reporting accuracy.

Collaborative Reporting

Use knowledge from all departments by building plans across teams

Learn from past projects

Never make the same mistake again when using past projects to plan future work

Cost benefit analysis

Run scenarios to understand profit margins, project viability, and the risk of the associated costs

Analyse pressure points

Analyse operations to find pressure points and react quickly

Make educated decisions

Use the power of project plans, proposals, and live tracked data to make decisions all the way from project manager to board director and understand the impact immediately with dynamically updating analytics

Justify every decision

Show in-depth audit logs of project decisions with every iteration of the project plan stored and analysed, every live project tracked and accounted for

Accurately re-forecast

Track projects with non-intrusive tracking, prompting operational employees to report on tasks daily and manage their workload within in Prosper and watch as the project forecast updates accordingly, learning the way your team works

Increase efficiency

Improve the way you operate by understanding unexpected costs, overruns and delays, and increase margins throughout the business

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