Use past successes and failures to accurately plan, justify, and execute decisions

Take knowledge from throughout the business and create indepth project and programme plans that cascade throughout the organisation, intelligently calculating cost and profit centres alongside advanced insight reports at any stage.


Create financial projections as part of your business plan and justify your capital needs whilst seeking investment.

Private Cloud

Integrate your accounts data and view historical and seasonal trends and utilise Prosper BI's automated forecasting.


Transform knowledge throughout your organisation, using simple project plans to create accurate and relevant budgets, programmes, and board ready management forecasts

StartUp Planning in Prosper BI

Prosper takes the boring out of business, helping create complex financial models to validate your startup.

Build operational strategy

Utilise Prosper's intelligent grids to build operational strategy into projected forecasts that highlight your businesses income and expenditure.

Calculate investment needs

Justify your investment needs by creating financial projections to help convince prospective lenders and investors that your business will be profitable by offering them a good return on their investment.

Export into business plans

Creating financial projections is an important part of your start-up’s business plan. Export your projections straight into business plans ready for prospective investors.

Grow and manage your business with Prosper BI

Plan projects, build out rules, and use your data to build financial models, forecasts, and reports

Integrate Accounts

Integrate your accountancy software directly with Prosper BI and gain instant insights on your historical accounts data.

Convert project plans into financial forecasts

Allow your operational experts to create project plans which will be converted directly into financial plans for business leaders to make smarter, data driven decisions.

Let us forecast for you

Our machine learning algorithms will forecast your business future for you by analysing historical and seasonal accounts trends straight from you accountancy software.
£10/month + VAT
  • Create new forecasts from scratch
  • Build intelligent visualisations
  • Plan for investment and capital needs
Business Core
£30/month + VAT
  • All of seed
  • Accounts package integrations
  • Auto-forecasting
  • Project planning
  • Project to finance conversions
  • Multi-layered visualisations
  • Comparative reports
  • Enterprise Resource Forecasts
  • Merged project plans into cascading financial forecasts
  • Organisational reporting structures
  • Multi-level knowledge transformation