Transforming the way modern businesses view finance

Bringing operational strategy to complex financial forecasts

Prosper BI forecast

StartUp Strategic Planning

Forecast investment need, sales, income & expense, and combine with operational strategy to take the finance out of business management and impress investors

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SME Finance and Operations Management

Analyse historic, live and future data to spot insights that change the way you make decisions, forecast future projects, budgets and strategic moves and stay one step ahead.

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Corporate Performance Management

Manage enterprise budgeting and reporting from the ground up with operational and project based strategy and planning converting into board ready financial plans, reports, and objectives.

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All you need is the strategy

Organise the strategy and leave the rest to Prosper. Tell us how much you plan to grow by, where you expect to spend money, and where your income comes from, and Prosper will map out forecasts to go alongside your strategy.

  • Artificial-intelligence driven auto-forecasting
  • Simple forecasting grids to input and adapt expected income and expenditure
  • Instant insights from both forecasts and integrated accounts data
  • Easy integration into pre-built business plans ready for investment and loan applications

Tablet and desktop Prosper BI
Desktop Prosper BI

Add advisors to help realise your strategy

Invite your advisors to contribute to your forecasts, create their own, and validate your business strategy. Certify your assumptions with input from advisors and mentors, accountants, and consultants.

  • Give advisors access so they can keep track of your progress and provide strategic advice
  • Allow your advisors to create forecasts on your behalf utilising their skills and expertise
  • Search for the perfect advisor to provide benefit to your business through our advisor network

Powerful features straight out of the box

Launch Prosper BI straight out of the box with all the features ready to go.

Intelligent insight

Analyse your data in sleek and intelligently created graphs

Fast forecasting

Quickly input your strategy and see instant results and insights, moments after signing in

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For start-ups

Forecast investment rounds with smart figures
Invite an advisor to help you map out your strategy
Plan growth dynamically with intelligent configuration

For businesses

Integrate accounts packages to track live and historical data
Forecast sales and expense with auto-population
Map data straight into business plans that are bank ready
Dive deep into insights from your data

For enterprise

Budget for each department individually
Collate department budgets into one overview
Track budget progress with intelligent KPIs
Auto-populate budget forecasts
Integrate with bespoke data solutions