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Bringing clarity to enterprise operations

Use behavioural analytics to forecast project operations and understand how your orginisation operates

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Understand how your people work

Optimise, track and analyse project operations with Prosper BI and let Prosper learn how your company operates. Automatic reforecasts make operational forecasts more accurate and, most importantly, more relevant to your orginisation.

Target Risk

Manage risk before operations begin, understanding where to focus your energy

Forecast Projects

Use Prosper's machine learning to adjust forecasts to represent reality and make dynamic decisions throughout

Analyse Performance

Effective post-mortem analysis brings accountability and understanding to the review process

Forecast risk throughout any operational life-cycle

Spot potential risks before its too late and constantly monitor high risk items throughout their execution. As Prosper learns how the project operates, Prosper continues to forecast risks as it looks ahead and gives you a platform to make better decisions that save your project no matter how far in you are.

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Make pro-active decisions

Never make a decision in the dark again. Instead of waiting for a delivery date or a budget issue, pro-actively make decisions at any point to keep projects, programmes, and portfolios optimised and on track. With enterprise wide clarity and vision, make deicisions about multiple projects and see how they effect the organisation as a whole. Use automatic re-forecasts generated by Prosper to constantly understand what is going on and what areas need the most energy.

Behaviour Analysis

Automatic Reforecasting

Orginisation wide vision

Live task tracking

Learn from your data with effective post-mortem analysis

Understand what happened, why it happened, and how it effected the project, with live analytics produced from both the insights generated from Prosper forecasts and the data taken from your team. Use the analysis to better plan future projects.

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