Forecasting shouldn't just be a necessity

Transform inaccurate forecasts built by financial professionals, and give the power back to operations. Use operational knowledge to show how your business works, and let Prosper forecast for you. Make forecasting a vital and useful part of your routine with accurate scenarios.

Financial Forecasting

Build out your financial forecasts to better understand your business position.

Project Forecasting

Allow your operational staff to forecast projects and view corresponding financials.


Utilise our report suite to export all financials and project plans.

Our Features

Some of the features of our Business Core package
  • Rule Driven Forecasting
  • Project to finance conversions
  • Auto-Populated Forecasts
  • Intelligent Reporting

Rule Driven Forecasting

Create rules to quickly build out your forecasts in an efficient manner. Tell Prosper how your business operates by planning for growth and identifying fixed costs.

Project to finance conversions

Visualise projects inside our project planning interface and assign resource to tasks to enable a conversion. Prosper takes your project forecast and converts it to cost to business, cost to clients, and shows intelligently derived profit margins and loss metrics. Merge projects together to plan your period of work and add static costs such as rent and electricity, or marketing and sales spends.

Auto-Populated Forecasts

Use Prosper BI's automated forecasting to build out your financial forecasts instantly providing actionable insights. Fully customise the automated forecasts with additional data to give an accurate outlook of where your business is going.

Intelligent Reporting

Export your forecasts into board ready reports that can be used at management meetings or built into business plans for investment opportunities.