What's Inside Prosper BI?

Business planning is an important and essential process for all start-up's. Prosper BI gives you all the tools necessary to plan your business's future.

Add accounts

Add income and expense accounts to your forecast.

Fill in the numbers

Enter your projected revenue or spend to each account.

View insights

View actionable insights through smart dashboards.

Report export

Export your forecasts into ready to use reports.

Financial forecasting made easy

Cash is the lifeblood of all businesses. Forecasting allows start ups to anticipate when cash is likely to run short and where they will need to seek further investment. It is also essential to prove to prospective investors that your business model will provide a return on investment. Prosper BI has made forecasting simple with its intuitive interface that allows business leaders to create comprehensive forecasts from scratch with ease.

Make smarter decisions with business insights

Want to see the impact of hiring new staff or not making any sales for the next quarter? Make smart, data driven decisions based on your financial projections allowing your business to avoid any unforeseen pitfalls. Prosper BI's pre built, smart dashboards provide actionable insights that don't require a data analyst to interpret.

Export your projections for any business use

Creating financial projections is an important part of your start-up’s business plan. Build out a comprehensive business plan by exporting your projections and insights. If you are not seeking investment Prosper BI's export features ensure your reports are in a report ready format.

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